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About MoVACon

About MoVACon


Statistics have weighed in for long for a multi-stakeholder push towards Road Safety in India.
Every year, India continues to lose 1,50,000+ lives on Indian roads; in the last decade (2008-2018) the average annual road crashes death stands at 1.3 lakh per annum in India, which is equivalent to surpassing the population of many small Indian cities every year!
Our first MoVACon2008 was conducted in 2008 and it addressed cross cutting issues for Road Safety including Hazardous Incidence Management, Social Activism, Media Awareness, Awareness of the issue, speeding of legal procedures etc. This conference was attended by 314 delegates. It was the first conference in India that had bought various stakeholders together like NGOs, Government, Medical, Fire and Emergency Experts, Media and Social Activists to discuss issues on post-accident. This conference initiated a series of discourses amongst different stakeholders about enhancing Road Safety.
The country has seen many changes in Road Safety Sector post this conference. One of the significant change, the New Motor Vehicles Act, now implemented has in fact made Road Safety a hot and burning national issue. The passage of Good Samaritan Guidelines by Ministry of Road & Transport and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, for protection of Good Samaritans is another significant change. The passage of National Ambulance Code has been a big leap.  82% of the country is covered by 108, which has changed the scenario in providing prompt emergency care.
The Ministry of Road & Transport has adopted a Vision2020 i.e., by 2020, it envisions to make the transport on roads efficient, safe and sustainable & to reduce the fatalities on roads by half compared to 2010 reported deaths.  The Indian Road Safety Campaign supported by the UN, WHO, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, various State Govt., Zonal Polices, Supreme Court, AIIMS, IITs, TRIPP is working Vision Zero. India, as a signatory to the Brasilia declaration, intends to reduce road accidents and traffic fatalities by 50% by 2020.
The last 6 months had given us a chance to put Road Safety as a NATIONAL ISSUE; the timing was perfectly right to get together to do something collectively. As they say, “Strike the Iron when it is HOT”. And never has Road Safety Issues been so HOT.

The New Motor Vehicles Act did for all of us - NGOs, Road Builders, Road Safety proponents, Intelligent Traffic System Experts, Law Enforcement Agencies, Trauma Care Experts and every person who has lost someone close in an RTA, what we have not been able to do in the last 30 years.

At Lifeline Foundation, we pioneered Highway Trauma Care and secured multi-sectorial participation to influence Central and State Governments, academicians and corporates across South Asia to set up Emergency Medical Systems in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
Road Safety experts, proponents of safer roads, safer vehicles and intelligent transport systems and road safety activist have never together, along with policy makers and law enforcement authorities, put in a collective front to dissuade everyone who is responsible for a loss of life.
A decade later, we want to go back to where we started from. Road Safety! MoVACon2008! We wanted to get all stakeholders on a common platform. Hence we are back with Motor Vehicle Accident Management Conference MoVACon 2020.